Meet the Dumpling Chef

Imagine the smoky haze of a city that's a gateway to the world. A place that moves fast and rarely stops. Where endless cars and bikes race past you - never stopping or slowing down. This city has a taste for intricacy, and it's waiting to reveal its rich heritage to you.


As you stroll through the busy streets, you spot a welcoming face in the distance, beckoning you to come closer. A hand extends, offering a plate filled with little treasures – dumplings. Without a second thought, you take a bite, and the flavours transport you to a different world. This is where you meet the Dumpling Chef.


The Dumpling Chef's journey has taken him all across China in search of the finest dumplings. He's explored every town and village, learning from fellow dumpling masters who have shared their secrets. Originally created as a medicinal snack to warm the body and soul, the Dumpling Chef has collected recipes passed down through generations.


Now, the Dumpling Chef has brought his expertise to Australia. An unrivalled virtuoso in the art of dumplings, he takes the local Chinese cuisine and transforms it with skill and finesse. He's not just a chef; he's a teacher, introducing you to Chinese culture with every delightful experience.

Chef Skills

The Dumpling Chef isn't motivated by fame or recognition. His joy comes from sharing his beloved local delicacy with others. He doesn't cook for himself; he cooks for you. In addition to Dumplings you will also find all your favourite dishes freshly prepared with flair and made to order.

Our history
The Birth of Dumpling Chef Dumplings have a remarkable history spanning 1,800 years in China. Within Chinese culture, these little parcels carry diverse meanings, symbolizing concepts like reunions, well-being, harmony, and abundance. The Dumpling Chef cares greatly about their recipes, flavours and traditions.
Our Value
Developed over hundreds of years by our ancestors who created the dumpling culture we take pride in sharing those traditions with you.
The intricate nuances of Chinese cuisine are often overlooked. We invite you to delve into the genuine essence of our culinary creations.
Dumplings are meant to be savored together. We take joy in crafting them so that you can relish a heartwarming meal with your loved ones.
Master the traditions before you innovate. While we've absorbed invaluable lessons from the past, we boldly explore new horizons to create a fresh selection of recipes for the future.
Our food


We are dedicated to providing Australians with authentic and tasty fast food products, and in addition to dumplings we offer a variety of dim sum and many other flavorful Chinese dishes.

Take Away

Want to make your own delicious Chinese dim sum at home? We can help!

Take Away

Want to make your own delicious Chinese dim sum at home?
We can help!